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To assure we have the best possible experience together please review my expected etiquette and rules.


When contacting me:

  • Make sure you have reviewed my schedule on my contact page.

  • Please email me an introduction or fill out my reservation form to book an appointment. After you have emailed me please call me at the number listed on my site or in the auto email you receive (I check emails frequently).

  • All new clients must provide 1 days notice, VIP Clients may book same day appointments with 3 hours notice. (Email Me to find out how to become a VIP client.

  • My schedule and availability is located on my contact page.

  • Do not use vulgar or descriptive language over the phone or email when you contact me. That means being graphic, please be tasteful and a gentleman. 

  • I prefer to see gentlemen over the age of 30, But on occasion will see men in their late 20's I reserve the right to request ID for age verification.

  • Screening is required when meeting me this may include a small retainer as well as other forms of verification - Discretion assured. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

  • Only call If you are ready to book an appointment.  If you are nervous I do provide consultations where we can meet for drinks, lunch or dinner.  My sessions page shows the variety that I offer.  

  • I do enjoy seeing couples with 2 days notice and both participants must be screened.

  • You MUST to call to make a reservation/book an appointment with me.  I do not accept reservations over email or text.  I accept calls 7 days a week from 10am-10pm please only call between these hours unless I specify otherwise. 

General rules:

  1. You must be clean, discreet and well mannered.  Please shower and be clean before arriving, if you are coming from a place where you can not be freshly showered I can provide a shower with clean linens prior to our time together.

  2. NO drugs are ever permitted.

  3. I do NOT offer illegal or non-consensual services.

  4. I am Now Offering 1 hour sessions as an option, however I still prefer 2 hours as a minimum.   1 hour exceptions: 1.  Incall only and 2.  If you book a 1 hour session when you call instead of paying a deposit/retainer you are required to pay for the 1 hour session in full to ensure you are genuine.  (Note- I do NOT require full payment for other sessions only the 1 hour session.  

  5. I now request when booking a session that you fill out My Reservation form or send a proper introduction email ( before you call to make your reservation.  A phone call required to finalize your reservation 

  6. I am very discreet about reviews if you would like to write a review please ask me as every persons experience is different and I am not the type of girl who appreciates those who gloat or kiss and tell. I do have reviews and can provide them for you AFTER we have spoken. I do NOT post my reviews publicly and you will NOT find them currently listed under my name here.  I do have a testimonials area but nothing with extreme details on my website. 

  7. If you show up and seem to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs I will ask you to leave with NO refund.

  8. In the event that you must cancel your appointment with-out a days notice I will require a $100 cancellation fee.

  9. If you cancel your appointment 2 hours prior to our session I will request your donation/rate in full.

  10. If you no show for an appointment (do not call to cancel) you will be black listed. There is no reason for no showing. Blacklisting for no-showing is permanent and means you will never be permitted to book any future appointments with myself of other friends that I work with.

  11. I reserve the right to request a small retainer or deposit for new clients when booking. Deposits/retainers are not refundable if you cancel, however they are refundable if I have to cancel. (If you have questions regarding this, let me know).

  12. Outcalls are provided at your location if 1. You are an existing client. 2. If you are a new client I will request you pay for your session in full upfront when you book.

  13. I accept credit cards at your convenience with a small fee. Credit cards MUST be yours. You may also use a pre loaded or prepaid card.  All credit cards must be ran at-least 2 hours prior to our appointment. a retainer may be required when you book your session even when using a credit card.   

  14. You MUST notify me at the time you book if you wish to use a credit card to pay for your session.

  15. I reserve the right to request identification upon your arrival to verify your age. (I do NOT copy or retain your personal information). Discretion assured.

  16. If you are running late please call and let me know.

  17. I am lucky to have a job I enjoy, but please do not confuse that with me being interested in wanting to date you outside of our sessions. I appreciate and value the friendships and nature of our business relationship and am very personable.

  18. I may require a 50% deposit on My extended sessions that are 5 hours or longer.

  19. I do offer quick coffee, lunch or dinner only dates if you would like to meet before committing to a full session or I suggest booking one of My rendezvous packages which includes drinks, lunch or dinner. 

Etiquette after you arrive:

  • I am ALWAYS in control, I am an assertive woman, I am not submissive. I am sensual and erotic though.

  • When you arrive make sure you set your donation out on the table near where we sit in an unsealed envelope.  

  • NO means NO if you do not get that I will ask you to leave with-out a refund.

  • If you are coming from work you may request a shower just let Me know, I have full shower facilities.

  • I provide beverages etc when you arrive if you have an allergies let me know.

  • Although I am not a clock watcher, if I notice our time running over I may offer you to stay longer for an additional donation.

  • And most importantly be discreet when arriving and do not draw attention to yourself.

  • I do not require tipping, however if you feel obliged to do so you are welcome to.  Either way I will always offer stellar service.  


I appreciate you understanding that there are proper protocols and etiquette when we are together and I appreciate you reviewing them.

If you have questions you may email me at

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