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Seriously kinky and sesnsual

By - RT

I really appreciate Mia and what she offers.  I found her to be one of the most personable providers I have met.  I wanted to try a little bit of kink for my first time and was afraid a regular provider would not understand and afraid that a dominatrix would be too much.  Mia mentioned she has experience in both GFE and kink from light to more hardcore and she assured me that everything would be fine over the phone when I shared my fantasies.  I appreciated her patience, guidance and sensuality; one of the best experiences I have had.  She really has mastered combining kink and sensuality and is a rare provider.  Whether you want something that is plain GFE or kinky Mia can accommodate the whole gambit.  




By - F

I do not know any other words to describe Mia other then absolutely delicious.  She is beautiful, professional, easy to get along with and has impeccable hygiene.  Her location is amazing and she has quite the space she hosts from.  I booked a lunch and play date and have to say it was nice to enjoy a light lunch and wine and then time back at her place.  Mia is charming, sexy and I must admit I am addicted already.  I booked what Mia called a "vanilla" session which she explained is straight GFE with some tantra.  Amazing and Delicious. I can not wait to see you again Mia, I am booking a VIP session next.  I highly recommend Mia




By - D

One word that comes to mind when I met Mia is Impressive.  She will leave quite the impression when you meet her.  I was really Happy with her location, how she dressed, smelled, felt and her easy going personality.  Her skills as a provider are a given, just look at her! I opted for a dinner and play date. I enjoyed the opportunity to have dinner and flirt before we got to be behind closed doors.  I love how she was dressed for dinner, a good combination of sophisticated, but sexy. Once back at her place I was pleased she had the drink I requested and everything was put together nicely.  She had a wide selection of lingerie and allowed me to choose and the night went on. I could easily see myself spending a full evening with her next time.



Not like any Other Companion I have met

By - JG

When I read Mia's ad and then her website I think like many I was not quit sure what to expect.  She provides such a variety of services, but I NEEDED to meet her and she had me curious and wanting.

I am glad I reached out; I have to say she is not just about BDSM and kink but she was very friendly to a "vanilla" guy like myself.  She is one of the most passionate women i have came across in a very long time, she knows what she likes and she is vocal in expressing what she enjoys which is a fresh of breath air.  I knew exactly how to please her and she knew how to satisfy my needs and curiosities.  I highly recommend her and will see her again very soon.



Lips I can never forget

By - NL

When meeting Mia the first thing I noticed was her eyes.  I have to say they are hypnotic and enticing but watching her drink her champagne and talk I found myself gazing in on her full lips and all I could think about is how her lips would taste and then I had them...

Her eyes will be the first thing you notice about her, but her lips leave a lasting impression.

See you soon Mia.


I think this is the start of a very special friendship

By - A

Mia I knew from the moment I found you on the internet that I had to meet you and I am glad I did not hesitate.  I appreciate how prompt you were in replying to my email and how you took your time to speak to me when I called.  2 hours with you was not enough time and I will take your advice and book one of your rendezvous packages to experience a longer tantric experience; I can not wait. 


WOW! Is all I am left with

By - MK

Mia, I had no idea when contacting you how wonderful our time together was really going to be.  You truly are one of a kind and I say keep it going, you are a superb companion and I will be calling you again very soon and next time I will definitely need an overnight session with you.


There is no one like Mia

By - J

There is so much that could be said about Mia, but I will keep this simple and her readers can use their imagination.

Sexy - Hot - Wet - Intense - Erotic - Aerobic - Curvy - Enticing - Creative - And did I say Sexy because I need to say that again.

There are women who are pretty and then there are women who are sexy, once you're in the grips of Mia you will learn an all new meaning to sexy; I sure did.  Thank you for being you Mia because you are really unique.


I will return

By - K

Mia, I could not be happier then to write a testimonial for you.  I have seen several providers & companions over the years and you by far exceeded my expectations. You have to be one of the most genuine women in the industry.  It is rare to find women like you and I am glad that I have found you.  I can not wait to see you again.  


You have to meet Mia

By - L

I have never met a woman with eyes and a smile like yours; Mia you made my day, hell, you made my year.  You have got to be one of the most sensual women I have met.  Thank you for the opportunity to meet you and I can not wait until I am back in town. 



Fetish Friendly Provider

By - M

I have to say thank you Mia, thank you for being so openminded and understanding. I was pretty nervous about opening up about my fetishes, you are one of a kind.  I appreciate that you were able to combine fetish, kink and sensual all into one. I can see you getting addicting for me in a good way. I'll see you again soon.  


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